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Power Management Optimization In Mobile Point-Of-Care Devices
Members of the nursing community were frustrated with their mobile point-of-care computers due to inadequate battery run time. Further investigation revealed that the source of the problems was the power system. Early power solutions did not correspond to the nursing community’s routines and requirements; rather, they created more work and demanded priority attention.

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Small Business Networking
Effective technology is essential for small businesses looking to increase the productivity of their people and business. Introducing technology such as computer networks can help them to stay competitive by increasing productivity and by reducing hardware costs. Even simple networks make sharing information and resources easier, provide better security and enable easy backup facilities for any small businesses.
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Managed IT Services For Small Businesses
Information Technology (IT) has become a significant concern of every small business today. Ideally, technology makes daily operations easier, but it often seems to create more problems. Even small system disruptions and downtime significantly affect the revenue of the organization. As a result, companies are unable to get the best return on their IT investments.
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Small Business Mobility
Mobile technology is becoming increasingly vital to small businesses as more and more employees are working remotely. More than 50 million U.S. workers spend at least 20% of the time away from their employer’s location. Some of your employees, such as your salespeople or representatives, may be constantly on the move -- which means you need technology in place to support them.
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VoIP For The Small Business
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is now a viable solution for even the smallest business as broadband internet access has become widespread and affordable. VoIP is a low-cost alternative to traditional phone service and is rapidly becoming the communications system of choice for businesses. Hosted VoIP services are gaining in popularity among smaller companies since these services do not require an investment in hardware.
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Web Collaboration
In today’s global environment, the value of collaboration has a huge positive impact on your business. Your employees and teams need to work together and share ideas and information across geographic boundaries. Using the right communication tools fosters effective collaboration, improves efficiency and empowers your employees.
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Outsourced IT
The relationship between small and medium-sized businesses and IT is often a contentious one. You rely on technology to help your business run efficiently, but IT is most likely not one of your core competencies -- and just keeping your systems running is too often a major undertaking, one that distracts you from business-building activities.
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