Two Years of Microsoft Teams Adoption in Two Months

teams screenshotDuring Microsoft’s quarterly earnings report to Wall Street—(the first earnings report since COVID-19 lock down began), Microsoft stated they saw more than 200 million Microsoft Teams meeting participants in a single day. Teams now has more than 75 million daily active users, and two-thirds of them have shared, collaborated, or interacted with files on Teams as well.

The Microsoft CEO stated, “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months. From remote teamwork and learning, to sales and customer service, to critical cloud infrastructure and security—we are working alongside customers every day to help them adapt and stay open for business in a world of remote everything.”

It is no wonder to me that Microsoft Teams has doubled adoption while all employees had to work from home out of necessity due to COVID-19. Teams’ combines meetings, phone calls, chat and collaboration into a single application that preserves company culture and keeps all of your employees collaborating remotely.

With Teams as a hub for teamwork, users are discovering new ways to collaborate remotely that will undoubtedly outlive this current COVID-19 lock down.

If you are new to Teams here's a few of the reasons why we love Teams at ANP

Overview of Microsoft Teams

Feature Rich Solution

In a nutshell, Teams is like having Slack or Skype, Google Drive, and Zoom under one roof. It’s important to note that Teams will replace Skype for Business in 2021, so if you rely on Skype for your business instant messenger, you may want to get acquainted with Teams sooner than later. Trust me, once you do, you’ll never look back. On top of that, enterprise-level security and compliance are baked into Teams to keep your business protected.

Accessibility Across Devices

One of the great things about Teams is that it has a desktop application, a web-based version and mobile app to ensure that you’re always connected and have the best experience regardless of the device you’re using. The web version is good if you need to log into Teams from a non-work machine. It also makes it easy for clients or vendors to join a team or team meeting even if they don’t use the application regularly.

Integration with Other Applications

But what makes MS Teams even more compelling is its deep integration with all of the other Office 365 productivity applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Calendars, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI, and more. This allows multiple employees to collaborate on files real-time and have a conversation about those files all in one place.Teams also easily integrates with non-Microsoft applications such as Salesforce, Jira, Trello and more. 

How to Get Started

With a sudden shift to remote workforce, it’s not surprising that Teams has taken off as the number one collaboration tool for business. Companies want their employees to stay productive as possible and they’re equipping their staff with the best collaboration tools for business to do so. In fact, Teams is being used by 75 million people daily around the world, a 70% increase in the past two months.

If you already have Office 365 for business than you likely already have access to the Teams application. ANP can help you maximize your O365 subscription and get Teams up and running the right way. If you don’t have Office 365 yet, for a limited time you can get a free trial through a participating Microsoft partner like ANP.

At ANP, we’re helping our clients take their collaboration to new heights by integrating Teams into their daily work experience.

As a Microsoft Partner and Cloud Service Provider we’re equipped with a certified Microsoft 365 consultants to ensure your Microsoft 365 environment is secure, optimized for productivity and customized to suit your business needs today and tomorrow.  

Are you looking for a tool to help your employees stay productive in these challenging times? Contact ANP today to discuss your business needs or sign up for our Microsoft 365 Work from Anywhere Assessment.

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