Too Much Cost, Not Enough Service: 20 Warning Signs You’re Working with the Wrong IT Support Company

frustrated business workerAside from payroll and perhaps rent of your office space, your IT services and support is likely one of your most expensive bills. So, when it comes time to paying that monthly invoice, it’s important to know you’re getting the value you deserve from your IT support company. 

Here are 20 signs you’re working with the wrong IT Support Company:

  1. Your IT systems are slow and not working as they should
  2. Working remotely is a constant struggle
  3. Employees are wasting valuable time dealing with IT issues
  4. Your IT support is reactive, and issues only get fixed when you raise your hand
  5. To speak to a knowledgeable engineer, you go through several lower-level technicians first
  6. Lack of knowledge around your industry or unique business challenges
  7. Long-term business goals are not discussed or addressed 
  8. You’ve experienced a security breach
  9. Advanced cyber security is an option, not a requirement
  10. No one has recommended buying cybersecurity insurance  
  11. They don’t have specialized IT experts in the products and services your business needs
  12. You want to go to the cloud, but your IT company wants to go in another direction
  13. You don’t get a live person when you call
  14. You can’t get ahold of your IT support after hours unless it’s an utter emergency
  15. They outsource their helpdesk overseas
  16. They won’t handle support for your line of business (LOB) applications
  17. You’re doing their job because it’s more efficient that way
  18. Lots of finger-pointing at other vendors rather than working with them to find a resolution
  19. You’re not familiar with the term ‘Root Cause’
  20. Their company is a revolving door and you experience frequent turnover with your primary contact

In a world that is becoming more dependent on IT than ever before, you simply cannot afford to settle for downtime, slow response times, and subpar IT support services. If several of these points ring true, chances are you’ve outgrown your IT support provider and you're not getting your money's worth from your IT investment. 


We understand that things happen with technology and problems can (and do) arise, but you should trust in your IT support company that they will get fixed promptly.  

If you're don't think you're getting the value you deserve from your current IT company, chances are you're right.

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