5 Reasons to Migrate your Business to Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft cloud 5 reasonsThe modern business runs in the cloud. And the successful modern business runs on Azure, the Microsoft Cloud, empowering your employees to work anywhere, anytime and from any device.  Microsoft 365 and Azure are the perfect balance of security, flexibility, and affordability. Here’s why.

1. No more capital expenditures. 

Why pay for expensive hardware when you don’t have to? As a subscription service, Microsoft 365 frees you from upfront capital expenses and the time it takes to manage services locally. Yes, that means no more server refresh projects every few years either.  

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2. Business continuity, no matter what. 

Without access to your business applications and files, you loose the ability to work. Any extended period of time when your employees can't work is considered a business disaster.  Even a minor outage can put you at a competitive disadvantage. Or like we experienced with COVID-19, those businesses that had cloud technologies implemented were able to quickly shift to working from home without any downtime.  With Microsoft Azure, we ensure your apps work when you need them the most—without the expense of secondary infrastructure. Be prepared for the next disaster. Begin your migration to  Azure today. 

3. Paying only for what you use.

Sometimes you need more capacity, sometimes you need less. Azure can easily stretch to meet seasonal needs according to business growth and demands. 

4. The Cloud on Your Terms.

Not all businesses want to be 100% in the cloud. And it doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing decision. Azure offers the option of having some data and applications in the cloud and some left on-premises. This is the only hybrid cloud solution enables you to tap powerful and secure IT resources whenever required. With Azure, you can move any or all your business applications on your timeline and when you’re ready. 

5. Security, security, and more security.

Safeguard your business with unmatched security management and threat protection for all applications and data, whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud. Plus, Azure leverages Microsoft 365 Zero Trust security to keep you protected at all times. 

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If you're approaching system upgrade or network refresh, now is the time to weigh your options. Contact ANP to discuss your business needs and we'll help you plan, implement and manage a cloud environment that's right for your business.  



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