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Hopefully by now, you're moving your IT out of of your office, out of a private colocation / datacenter and up into the cloud. If you're adverse to change the cloud transformation process may seem daunting, but if you're still holding onto the traditional, old-school IT approach, you may be hurting your business in more ways than one.

Of course, any recent investments in hardware and other variables, can impact your timeline for when to move to the cloud. But there are many hybrid cloud options you can take advantage of while you see out the rest of your on-premise IT investment. If you’re still evaluating the pros and cons of cloud computing, here are 7 benefits as to why it's time to migrate to the cloud now:

  1. Modernize your business. Today's workforce is remote and in order to retain top talent and keep them productive,  you have to provide the online tools and access to files and applications they need.  When you move to the cloud you get rid of your clunky VPN or Remote Desktop / Terminal services for a single, secure login from the internet.
  2. Business continuity: Never worry about another pandemic or another disaster again. Your employees will have access to your files, applications, and business data from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Not to mention, cloud backup solutions are taking over the industry so that you can get up and running in no time in the event of lost or stolen data. 
  3. Improve System Performance & Uptime: Eradicate slowness from aging on-premise equipment and compatibility issues. When you migrate your network to the cloud you’re using enterprise-grade systems that are designed to handle the largest workloads.
  4. Shift of Ownership: Migrating to the cloud allows you to switch from a capital expenditure (CapEx) model to Operational expense (OpEx) which has several business benefits. For one, you have a fixed monthly fee for your IT infrastructure and never have to worry about unexpected, large capital expenditures like buying servers or upgrade projects. This also shifts the burden from you onto your Cloud IT provider. This way, your cloud provider is responsible for maintaining the hardware and all the required upgrades. 
  5. Advanced Cyber Security: There is a lot of really cool, advanced security a managed IT company like ANP can do to protect your business in the cloud. Prevent human error from causing data loss and lock your data from insider threats with customizable permissions. Gain peace of mind knowing that your data and systems are protected from the influx of Ransomware attacks and cyberthreats.


  6. Meet Compliance: If you work in an industry full of stringent compliance requirements, you may be concerned about whether your IT practices adhere to the latest standards.  Are you confident in your current security practice in the event of an audit? Tackling ever changing compliance requirements has become easier than ever in the cloud. 
  7. Cost Savings: Probably one of the best parts about the cloud is that you never have to worry about paying for another server or upgrade project again. When you move to the cloud you get rid of costly on-premises network infrastructure for a monthly, rent-as-you-go enterprise-level cloud infrastructure and software. Scale your data storage and other cloud services as needed. Only pay for what you use. Additionally, there is a tax benefit for businesses when moving to monthly operational expense.

At ANP we are unapologetically focused on Microsoft’s award-winning cloud solutions Office 365 and Azure. ANP offers by far the best-in-class combination of cloud solution available today that are now affordable for small and medium size businesses.

If you already have Office 365 then you likely already have access to all of this enterprise-grade collaboration and security tools. Let us help you turn them on. Come embrace the modern workplace with ANP.

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