Advantages of Co-Managed IT Services

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Outsourcing all or part of your IT needs to an MSP can open your organization to the expertise of multiple subject matter experts, without having to hire them and pay benefits. This is helpful whether you’re supplementing your team, treading water while down a person, or in need of full IT support. Co-Managed IT services are designed for businesses who have an internal IT team but need additional support services.

Advantages of ANP’s Co-managed IT support services:


Combining In-House with Outsourced IT can offer several advantages to your business . There are many benefits to marrying your in-house team with an outside provider as a way to meet your goals. 

  • Enjoy After-Hours IT Coverage: Whether it’s the work-from-home parent who is handling their kids during the day and working at night, your sales and marketing team traveling the globe or simply an opportunity to check in from your family vacation, your company is constantly working, even afterhours. When you work with ANP’s co-managed IT services, your IT Point-Of-Contact has unlimited access to ANP’s expert engineers through our NOC. Our team is available to your IT team when you need us, day-or-night.
  • Focus your Internal IT on Strategic Projects: Do you have an important big project coming up? Are you deploying a new Line-of-Business application? Instead of having to staff the project, you can simply advise ANP’s co-managed IT services of the situation and let us deploy the necessary IT engineers to handle the issue, without taking your internal IT team off-task to take care of it. That allows your internal team to stay on-task for your company’s strategic projects and outsources the tactical and less strategic IT support to ANP.
  • Boost Your Team’s Productivity: Your current staff may very well be able to handle regular maintenance, system upgrades, software patches, and calls to a help desk. But that’s not what you’re paying them to do, nor is it their area of expertise, which means solving the problem will take more time and could cause more harm than Instead of taking your people off-task to handle IT problems, you can turn the issue over to ANP’s co- managed IT Assist engineers who will handle the issue quickly and effectively, letting your staff focus on what they do best.
  • Stay on Top of Your Business’ Digital Security: Data breaches, ransomware, spyware, and viruses can wreak havoc on your business’ digital assets. With hackers getting smarter and finding new vulnerabilities every day, it’s hard to stay on top of all the potential vulnerabilities to your By working with ANP’s Co-Managed IT Assist services, you’ll ensure your system is being protected from a wide range of security threats. This allows you to continue working instead of worrying about it.
  • Augment Your IT Team: Your IT employees, call out sick, take vacations and are not always available when your company needs their IT ANP’s Co-Managed IT Assist service is the perfect addition to increase your IT team by 20 experienced IT engineers. Each of ANP’s engineers is a specialist in a specific area of IT, our outsourced service will greatly expand your team, and your team’s expertise. Never worry again about an IT employee giving you 2-weeks’ notice and becoming immediately understaffed.

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  • Looking for a long-term Cloud strategy: Is it a good time to upgrade and purchase a new on-premises server or should you consider migrating all the applications on your old server up to the Cloud? ANP can help model the 5-year cost-of-ownership between remaining on-premises versus migrating into the Cloud. There are many issues that can arise in IT and knowing the right answer can be difficult at best. ANP’s Co-managed IT Assist services will provide you with your own Virtual-CIO that has the experience, and expert guidance and assist you in developing a five-year IT strategy.
  • Keep Up with New Trends: What should you do with digital transformation to the Modern workplace? Do you need to add a mobile app to keep customers or mobile employees happy? What are the hottest new trends for digital security? You probably don’t know the answers to these questions, but when you work with ANP using our Co-Managed IT Assist service, you’ll have a range of experts to help you find the right solutions to your business problems without a lot of extra work for your task list

Find the Right Fit for Your Organization

By working with ANP’s Co-Managed IT Assist outsourced IT service, you can gain the advantages of a much larger IT department at a fraction of the cost, while gaining over 200 years of IT expertise. As a cost-effective part of your overall IT strategy, outsourced managed services deliver a higher level of expertise and technical knowledge than you may be able to manage in your budget. If you’re considering making the switch to Co-Managed IT services, ANP can help you understand the value of this approach.

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