Is your IT Service Provider in the Technology or the People Business?

describe the imageThere is nothing more exciting than seeing a client achieve their business goals with technology; however, there is nothing better in life than watching your employees move from just doing a job to becoming wildly successful with our clients.  It’s exhilarating for me to see the maturity, excitement and confidence that are the direct result of client success.  As a business owner I bet you are used to hearing over and over the same employees names mentioned when it comes to success… I never hear that Server was amazing, or that Firewall saved me… but I often hear that engineer worked above and beyond what we ever expected of ANP!

So during this season of thanks giving I want to share the three most important people traits an IT company can possess… Does your IT Company lift these up in value?  There are three great characteristics that affirm your IT provider is in the people business, and not in the technology business:

1) Humility – My best employees and engineers are humble; you would never know when you meet them that there are some of the smartest and most talented engineers in Philadelphia.  They just work hard all day long; they roll up their sleeves and jump into our clients problems as if they were their own.  These employees know that our client’s success translates into their own success!  None of these great people rest even for a moment on their previous success stories.  Every day is a new challenge and a new chance to demonstrate how great they truly are!

2) Generosity – Great employees love to give back to their clients and to their own team.  They are great leaders and they rarely see themselves in that light.  They mentor new employees and new clients; they give freely of their time and talents without ever expecting anything in return other than the innate sense that they did the right thing.

3) Business Orientation – My best employees know their clients, and know how our clients get work done.  They are always in close contact with the employee or decision makers, they never hide behind a service request ticket status.  Many in our company, while once technical, have taken on business leadership roles and are willing to rely on the technical employees to make the technical decisions.  As a result our business people can focus on business results and not on the speeds-and-feeds of technology.

I for one am so thankful for the fine employees at ANP that focus everyday on our clients as people and not as a technical service issue.  How is your IT service provider performing did you a hire a technology company or a people company?  This is a great time of year to invest a moment to take stock!

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