How Do Cloud Security Tools Protect the Remote Workforce?

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COVID-19 has led to a more distributed and virtual workforce, requiring IT to deploy new security tools to protect your employees and your data regardless of where they are located. 

Last year the pandemic triggered world-wide panic, forcing businesses to find ways to work remotely, even if it meant using employees home PCs, or going against other IT best practices temporarily. 

Cybercriminals are capitalizing on this vulnerable time for businesses, finding technical glitches in remote access points and are exposing security vulnerabilities, finding ways to get into your network.

Several organizations, who were unprepared to make the transition to remote work have become victims to security attacks. They have learned the hard way that performance, stability and security require visibility across the network. Visibility now must extend beyond the four walls of the traditional office to wherever the traffic might flow, whether it’s your office headquarters, branch locations, third-party cloud services and your employees' home network and devices. 

The sudden rise in cybersecurity attacks and evolution of new attack methods continue to pose threats on businesses. Without the right tools in place, it can be hard to identify a potential threat before it's too late. 


ANP rise of ransomwareData theft overall more than doubled between 2019 and 2020. The impacts of a successful Ransomware attack is devastating, especially when combined with the economic impacts from COVID-19.

Advanced tracking brings new capabilities

Traditionally, network monitoring focused exclusively on data collection within the firewall, but new cloud-based monitoring tools now provide deep insight into the activity across the entire environment.

Effective cloud-based network monitoring requires endpoint surveillance to capture data from your employees' machines and devices. This allows companies to determine if a performance issue is due to a problem on the network or isolated to the endpoint.

AI and analytics are starting to play a greater role in both real-time diagnostics and predictive maintenance. Machine learning, smart log parsing and correlation are all incorporated into ANP’s cloud-based monitoring tools.

We foresee AI and analytics playing a much larger role in the future with real-time diagnostics and longer-term trend analysis to enable IT to adjust components proactively before infrastructure problems occur.

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So how does a small business achieve this level of visibility into their environment without breaking the bank?

As a Cloud Services Provider, ANP can deploy and manage these cloud-based network monitoring tools for your small business at a fraction of the cost to purchase and manage them on your own.

At ANP, when a new customer signs up for our managed cloud services, our number one priority is deploying our cloud-based, managed security services across your environment so that we have a 360 degree view of your network, ensuring your business, your employees and your data is fully protected.

Our security tools deliver real-time network health status information, as well as logs of historical performance, providing intelligent data that we can use for proactive optimization of your environment.

Once your network is secure, we can focus our time and your IT investments on projects that align our modern IT solutions with your business goals, helping you achieve your desired business outcomes.

Are you confident that your security systems are able to protect against today's cyber threats?

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As a managed cloud services provider, we are constantly evaluating our security stack to ensure we have the best-in-class tools available for our clients to protect against the evolving cybersecurity threats. With a dedicated cloud team available to you around the clock, we will manage your entire environment -- from planning and migration to on-going support and optimization.

Are you considering the cloud but not sure where to start? Contact ANP at (215) 572-0111 today to set up a FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment. We will evaluate your current network, provide you with a written analysis, and determine the best path forward to adopt modern IT in the cloud while meeting you budget and business goals. 


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