Alleviate Growing IT Demands with Comanaged IT Support Services

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Covid-19 has shined a spotlight on the need for organizations to embrace new technology – not only to maintain or improve day-to-day operations but to ensure a competitive advantage in the market. While the pandemic pushed companies to think differently about technology to support both employees and customers, we’ve been in the midst of a digital revolution for the last decades.

Evolving IT Support Needs

This digital revolution has made businesses more dependent on technology than ever before. Add the evolving cyber threat landscape and rise in cybercrime, the traditional approach to IT is simply not effective or secure anymore.

Over the past 10 years you likely had servers in your office, and depending on your business size, perhaps you have one or two internal IT professional on staff to handle any troubleshooting, conduct hardware and software updates and help with setting up new employee machines.

While this day to day management is still critical, a more strategic approach to your IT operations is essential for success today.

Great news is that you have an internal IT employee who knows your business, understands your users and is in the office to provide immediate assistance as needed. Where the challenge comes is that IT is quite literally moving so fast that it’s impossible for a single person to effectively manage everything on their own.

In order to maintain a well-run business operation, you must ensure you have the specialized IT expertise to run your business. That includes deep knowledge of how to manage and update your line of business applications, implementing advanced cloud-based security tools to meet the needs of your remote workforce and protect against the growing cyber threats, all while managing your infrastructure and supporting your user needs. 

This is where a comanaged relationship with ANP, your Philadelphia managed IT Services provider can really make a difference. 

Who Should Consider Co-Managed IT Services?

Sometimes it isn’t feasible for your internal IT department to provide 24-hour support, and a co-managed IT services provider is a great option to consider. Co-managed IT services are ideal for organizations that:

  • already have an in-house IT team, and you're to gain an extension to your team in specific 
  • have more technology needs than their team can handle alone
  • wish to maintain control over their systems
  • are looking for strategy expertise to inform decision making
  • want to outsource day-to-day tasks and/or help desk support
  • need extra help to handle cybersecurity

What is Co-Managed IT?

ANP's Co-Managed IT Assist is intended to help you maximize the productivity of your internal IT resources by augmenting their capabilities whenever needed. We combine the strategic framework of your internal IT manager or team with the support of ANP’s expert engineers. This collaborative relationship between your internal IT department and ANP can help your organization when you have limited IT personnel, overworked IT staff, or strategic IT projects that require your own IT team’s attention and expertise.

Co-managed IT Assist is a great fit for both small and large organizations. Every company could use a straight forward management process to steer strategic IT projects and troubleshoot issues. Co- management of IT functions helps to fill in any holes in your company’s daily operations, allowing your IT team to focus on the high-level aspects of growing your business.

At ANP, we partner with small and medium companies across the greater Philadelphia and mid-Atlantic region to support their IT needs. We focus on the best-of-breed proactive management tasks that include day-to-day tasks, such as cyber security, monitoring, maintenance, patch management, network administration, and augmented help desk support or more strategic initiatives like cloud migrations. provide both co-managed and full service plans based on our clients unique business needs.

Interested in seeing how our services stack up against your current IT provider? Fill out the form to sign up for our a free consultation today. 


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