Introducing ANP's Online Training Program

ANP Online Training Service Announcement

ANP is excited to announce our newest addition to your Secure Cloud Advantage managed service. Introducing ANP Online Training Services, the #1 Microsoft 365 training solution available today! This revolutionary eLearning solution is designed as a “Self-Service” platform that leverages thousands of short, task-based training videos available right inside your Microsoft Teams application.

Today’s modern workforce wants information to solve specific tasks immediately when they need it. Convenience, accessibility, and usefulness are required for your employees to truly gain the knowledge needed to provide your business with a competitive edge.

ANP’s Online Training Program  matches this need, and will:

  • Drive Microsoft 365 and Teams adoption
  • Reduce the amount of time on calls with helpdesk, and more time focused on working
  • Improve knowledge retention for new responsibilities – learn by doing!
  • Promote a culture of self-sufficiency for skills enablement instead of calling the Helpdesk or relying on repetitive, costly training exercises

The era of sitting in front of a desktop or laptop to take an hour-long eLearning course is long gone – nobody even watches a 10-minute video anymore! ANP’s Online Training provides your employees with relevant, specific “how-to” instructional videos that have made learning quickly at your desk, or learning-on-the-go, a realistic model.

What’s Included with ANP's Online Training Program:

  • Customized learning paths with curriculums designed by job role or department
  • Short, focused videos on common how-to tasks for skills enablement
  • Comprehensive Learning Video Library with advanced search functionality to easily find the task-based video you are looking for
  • Single Sign-on integration with your current Microsoft Teams environment
  • Access to an intuitive interface for training inside your Teams environment or from any web browser, on any device
  • Continually updated content to match the latest product releases from Microsoft
  • Advanced tracking and reporting for administration to highlight usage by user groups or departments

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At ANP, we understand the best way to keep your employees engaged and productive is to provide continuous learning opportunities to expand their skillset and find new and improved ways to meet the demands of today. And just like your employees need a modern approach to working, they also need a modern approach to learning!

Are you ready to get started? Access your personalized dashboard and training library via the Training tab in Microsoft Teams now!

Join ANP for a live demo and webinar on Wednesday, September 14th at 1:00pm for an introduction to your new training program: 

Questions about ANP’s Online Training program? Contact your Virtual CIO or email us at


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