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What is SD-WAN & Why are Small Businesses Finally Adopting It?

Posted by David S. Mulvey on 12/17/20 2:29 PM

SD-WAN (short for Software-Defined Wide-Area-Networking) is a technology that has been around for a few years and primarily adopted by large corporations up to recently.  New advancements in SD-WAN has made it realistic and affordable option for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) today 

Simply put SD-WAN is a new way to manage your Wide Area Network (WAN)a new way to connect and secure all your local area network (LANs) and is built for modern businesses with hybrid or cloud-based environments.  SD-WAN replaces your expensive MPLS data circuits with inexpensive internet circuits.  

There are many benefits of SD-WAN technology that small businesses and growing businesses cannot afford to overlook.  

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IT Support Graduates From The Traditional Time and Materials Approach

Posted by David S. Mulvey on 6/21/13 7:30 PM

There's new way for CEOs and business owners to purchase IT support that's faster, better and less expensive than the old time and materials approach.

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Small Business IT Support Approaches And ROI For The Business Owner

Posted by David S. Mulvey on 6/7/13 10:41 AM

Today I wanted to introduce our readers to the different methods of managing your small business IT infrastructure. For the purpose of comparison, we look at three different options in which you can manage your IT infrastructure- manage it yourself (Self-managed), manage through an IT support vendor charging you on a “Time and Material” basis or you can rely on an outsourced IT support contract.

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