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SharePoint Intranet vs. Extranet: What’s the Difference?

Posted by David S. Mulvey on 6/14/21 6:57 PM

You’ve probably heard the terms intranet and extranet, but what do they really mean and is this a business solution that your business needs to consider?

What is an intranet?

A corporate intranet is private network available via a web browser and is designed to improve communication and collaboration. There are several ways to leverage an intranet for your business.

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Microsoft 365 Business Applications Available with Your Subscription

Posted by David S. Mulvey on 1/21/21 11:48 AM

Microsoft 365 is much more than the latest version of the Office suite. There are a ton of business applications and tools available to you and your employees -- free with most 365 subscriptions. All of these Microsoft 365 apps are:

  • Built with flexibility in mind, and available in desktop, web-based and mobile versions - so you can work anywhere, at any time.
  • Integrate seamlessly with one another to streamline your workday and to enhance collaboration and productivity.
  • Updated regularly with new versions and features
  • Backed by Office 365 security
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