Are You Ready to Combat the Next Ransomware Attack? Find Out Now!

ransomware protection

Your business is literally under attack 24x7.  These cybergangs are sophisticated, determined and coming up with new ways of intrusion daily.

Ransomware attacks are occurring once every 11 seconds -- and these numbers are rising at alarming rates.

Ask yourself this...

Would you prefer to write a ransom check for $1 Million dollars and lose access to your IT systems for 2 weeks -- or, ramp up your business security and stop the cybercriminals dead in their tracks?

The choice is yours. Don't be a statistic.

Join ANP for FREE webinar for a close look into the current ransomware landscape and what your small or mid-size business must do today to avoid being the next victim.

**All attendees will receive a free cybersecurity assessment to find out how prepared you really are to combat the newest cyberattacks.**

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to identify a ransomware attack
  • The most damaging IT practices to avoid
  • Successful tactics used by ransomware groups
  • The most important layers of protection every business must implement today

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Keeping ahead of attackers and understanding how they operate—so you can properly defend against evolving attacks— is more critical than ever before.

Join us as we get inside the mind of a hacker and demo various security tools and how play a key role in protecting your business.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business owners and IT decision makers concerned about the security of their business and are exploring security solutions to improve their security posture



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