A Trusted Leader in Cloud Services for SMB's

Today’s businesses are more dispersed and virtual than ever before, requiring the adoption of flexible, cloud-based tools and systems so your teams can work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Bring innovation, efficiency, and security to your business operations with ANP’s Cloud Managed Services.


Harness the Power of the Cloud

Are you still using traditional servers and processes to run your business and support the needs of your remote workforce? These legacy systems and applications are costing your business in more ways than one, including loss of productivity, frustrated employees and clients, and risky security practices.

As the leading cloud solutions provider for small businesses, ANP will help you implement modern collaboration tools, intelligent business applications, and cloud infrastructure solutions on Microsoft’s award-winning cloud platforms - Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Why should you make the switch from on-premises IT to Microsoft Cloud Solutions?

Increase Employee Productivity

Meet the need for modern infrastructure and tools to accommodate your growing remote workforce.

Shift of Ownership

Take away the headaches of dealing with physical machines, cabling, and network equipment.

Advance Security & Compliance

Eliminate concerns of insecure network due to the Influx of Ransomware attacks, cyberthreats and pressures from evolving compliance requirements.

Cost Savings

Get rid of costly network infrastructure and scale your data storage and other cloud services as needed. Only pay for what you use.

Business Continuity

Never worry about another pandemic or downtime again. Your employees will have access to your files, applications, and business data from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Improve System Performance & Uptime

Eradicate slowness from aging on-premises equipment and compatibility issues.

Cloud Management and Support Services Your Business Needs

Explore our available managed cloud services for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and Cybersecurity Solutions.

Work anywhere with modern collaboration tools

Empower your employees to succeed in today’s modern workplace with the collaboration and communication tools they need to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. With ANP’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services, you unlock the full potential of Microsoft by strategically implementing applications like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, One Drive, and Exchange Online - all with the advanced security to keep your employees and your data safe.

Adopt Server-less Cloud Infrastructure for Critical Workloads

Migrate your IT operations to Microsoft Azure and improve your business agility and efficiency, freeing you from relying on legacy infrastructure and processes. Azure covers cloud backups and storage to virtual desktop, legacy LOB application hosting, for as many workloads you choose to transfer. Modernize your infrastructure today with ANP’s Azure managed services, an end-to-end lifecycle management and support of your Azure and Hybrid Cloud environment.

Secure Your Business from modern cyber threats, data theft & more

Our managed security services protects you against advanced threats, diminishes your attack surface, identifies new risks, and responds and recovers from incidents. With cyberthreats are growing more aggressive, the number of devices needing to be controlled is rising, budgets are tight, and quality in-house resources devoted to security are hard to come by. Trust our team of cybersecurity experts to handle the day-to-day defense of your infrastructure by monitoring your network, systems, and data, 24/7.

Our Approach to Managing the Cloud

ANP uses a simple 4-step approach to ensure your cloud environment meets your specific needs today and has the flexibility to scale up or down or shift directions as your business dictates. Whether it’s your first cloud migration or you’re ready to improve or expand upon your M365 and Azure solutions, we can get you there.


We begin exploring your path to the cloud with your key stakeholders meet with ANP's cloud architects to discuss your business challenges and goals. Our cloud readiness assessment analyzes the current state of your IT infrastructure, which lays the foundation of your cloud migration strategy and guides our cloud recommendations and design. You will receive a written report with our findings and recommendations.


We design a custom cloud environment that meets your security, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency requirements. This phase maps out each of your cloud technologies, the solutions to your challenges, and all the nitty gritty details, from licensing requirements to total cost and targeted completion dates. We will highlight any critical business processes that we can automate to continually transform your operations.


ANP implements the agreed-upon project plan with your business in mind. We first get all the security tools implemented to lock down your environment and protect your data. We minimize impact and downtime by building and testing prior to the implementation, most of which is carried out after hours. Following the roadmap, we strategically roll out new cloud-based applications and features to foster user adoption.


ANP becomes an extension of your team providing cloud consulting services, around-the-clock coverage, and proactive cloud services to ensure optimal performance and uptime. Some of our optimization support includes automation and orchestration, patching updates, configuration management, backup and disaster recovery, and identity management, and more. Your dedicated cloud consultants advise you on ways to optimize cloud billing, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

Cloud & IT Support Services

Your IT is only as strong as the people and processes that support it. That’s why all of our Cloud Solutions include access to our team of certified, local, and live help desk engineers, cloud architects, security experts, client strategists and more, available around the clock to support all your IT needs.

Unlimited Support

Full-service management and IT support for your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment, including unlimited help desk support for your end users, 24x7x365

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Co-Managed Support

Co-managed IT support for your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment, including unlimited helpdesk support for your Internal IT department, 24x7x365

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Cloud Transformation

Whether you are new to Microsoft 365 or seeking the right Cloud Services Partner (CSP) to extend your 365 and Azure capabilities, ANP can help. Add our cloud transformation support services as a bundle or a la carte depending on your business needs.

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Talk to a Cloud Expert

Are you sure you’re getting the most out of your Microsoft suite? Reach out to us today to get a free Microsoft 365 assessment and find a team that can help you achieve your cloud goals.