Industry-Leading Azure Infrastructure Services

Let ANP migrate your old expensive on-premises servers or private cloud systems to Azure and create a robust Cloud Infrastructure and eliminate your IT capital expenses forever. We can help you create a plan, implement, manage, and optimize your application workloads in the cloud to meet the demands of your modern business.

Why choose ANP to manage your Azure Infrastructure?

Why should your business consider IaaS from ANP versus buying more servers? Choosing IaaS solution for your organization transfers the operational expense (power-cooling-hardware upgrades and repairs) from your balance sheet to Microsoft, transfers the risk of a crypto attack from your concern over to Microsoft's Azure data center, and leverages their industry-leading expertise.

Pay as you Go

Stop investing in server and storage refreshes every 5 or 6 years. Convert from an IT traditional CapEx approach to a monthly OpEx pay-as-you-go model, just like your other utilities. Pay for only what you need and use.

Improve Your Remote Employee Experience

Make your employees happy with their IT: no more mandatory VPN access, unleash your employee workforce to work anywhere, at any time on any device.

Scalable Cloud Storage

Move your files and applications to Azure and quickly scale up and down as your business dictates.

Reduce Risk

Transfer operational IT risk away from your organization and onto Microsoft. Let them focus on running your IT estate so you can focus on growing your business.

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Why Choose ANP for your Cloud Infrastructure Management?

Modernize your technology environment. 

Are you contemplating buying new servers or new storage equipment? Now is perfect opportunity for you to investigate what your monthly spend would be migrating from on-premises old-school IT to a modern IaaS solution from ANP.