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Your business is under attack 24/7 and the impacts of a data breach can be devastating. Without the proper cyber security tools, processes, and expertise in place – it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but a matter of ‘when’ your business will be compromised.

Outsource your cybersecurity services to ANP and shift the responsibility away from you to the experts – giving you the confidence to refocus on growing your business without worrying about Ransomware or a data breach.

How can ANP help protect you from cyberthreats?

The number of devices and applications accessing your data remotely are growing daily, creating more opportunities for cybercriminals to get into your network. And with cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated than ever, and tighter industry regulations – IT security can be a major risk to manage on your own. Unlike most other cybersecurity companies, ANP stays on top of current cyberthreats and evolving attack tactics, so your organization can have peace of mind in the security and protection from cyberthreats.

Gain access to a team of specialized cybersecurity experts to manage the security of your hybrid and cloud IT environment

Decrease organizational risk and improve security posture by implementing customized security solutions tailored to your organization

Minimize overall security costs by leveraging our client advisory services to evaluate your infrastructure and design a strategic security roadmap utilizing cost-effective investments

Protect your entire business with a powerful, yet simple, security approach.

Faster threat detection and response with threat isolation

Implement enterprise-grade cybersecurity services at a affordable price point

Multi-layered defense to Secure your Business Remote Workforce & Hybrid IT environments

ANP provides multi layered best-of-breed, enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions for small businesses with 25 PCs - 500 PCs. There is no need to spend thousands by cobbling together a hard-to-manage cyber solution from multiple vendors when Microsoft offers the most complete and advanced cyber solutions available. Expand your security coverage with ANP’s managed security services for comprehensive, end-to-end protection and show cybercriminals your organization is not worth the time and effort to attack.

What is the Zero Trust Security framework?

ANP has embraced a Zero Trust model. This means we do not presume any identity or device is secure on any network – we verify it, and we do so while continuously monitoring network, data, and application security in the office, at home, and across devices. The three key principals of the Zero Trust Security framework are as follows:

  1. Assume an IT Breach is taking place:

    Minimize attack surfaces and segment IT access. Verify end-to-end encryption and use real-time analytics to get visibility, drive threat detection, and improve defenses.

  2. Verify all users explicitly:

    Always authenticate and authorize based on all available data points, including user identity, location, device health, service or workload, data classification, and anomalies. This includes multi factor authentication and geographic analysis.

  3. Use Least privileged access:

    Limit user access with just-in-time and just-enough-access, risk-based adaptive polices, and data protection to help secure both data and productivity.

Cyber Security Quiz: How Secure Is Your Business?

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Most organizations don’t take action on cybersecurity until it’s too late, but a security breach could cost millions, drive away customers, disrupt your business, and become a PR nightmare. Adhering to industry best practices and leveraging best-in-class cybersecurity solutions are critical to protecting your business today. Use this 10 question quiz to determine how prepared you are in the event of a cyber attack.

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Response. Remediation. Results.

Despite all the preventative efforts you may take to protect your business, the cyber-attack world is growing exponentially. Combating the cybercrime epidemic is a constant game of cat and mouse and so you must always be prepared to act if an attack occurs. Having the best security tools to prevent an attack is great, but the work doesn't stop there. Our Microsoft experts identify, contain, respond and remediate threats across your whole Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem.

Multi-Signal Monitoring

Gain full threat visibility, deep correlation and investigation capabilities to strengthen the time it takes to contain and complete a response.  ANP correlates security data from your employees devices, their own identities, the device geolocation, the applications being used, the IP address and many other unique data points to form a complete picture of the user and their actions.  

24/7 Threat Hunting

Leveraging the Zero-Trust approach to hunt elusive cyber criminals.  ANP 24 hours a day 7 days a week is proactively scanning emails, monitoring file usage, and is hunting for that unusual or inappropriate transaction, searching for that needle in a haystack, cyber criminal attack. ANP provides a proactive and automated block of malicious intent plus threat hunting and response support. Never go  hunting alone again! 

Rapid, Robust, Response

Often a cyber criminal will roam around your network undetected for months. With ANP's managed Microsoft security service we will minimize attacker dwell time with a Mean Time to Contain of less than 15 minutes. ANP will detect, disrupt, isolate and contain threats before they impact your business operations. We will notify you and provide a sense of security that only an enterprise company like Microsoft partnered with ANP can provide.

How Secure is your Microsoft 365 Environment? Find out Now with a FREE Cybersecurity Assessment 

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Your employees live and breathe in Microsoft 365. Can your current security practice withstand today's modern cyberthreats? Meet one-on-one with our cyber security team as we examine your current threat prevention capabilities and cyber attack response plans. This thorough review will identify any vulnerabilities or gaps in coverage and includes a written report including tactical and strategic recommendations to help your organization significantly improve your security posture and navigate any cyber event with confidence.

Don't Settle for an Average Microsoft Experience

 ANP cybersecurity experts and time-tested processes secure your employees and company data from today's cyber-attacks. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner and close partnership many other top-tier security providers, we see and fight the daily security attacks from nation-state-actors and other independent cyber criminals.

MPN security ANP

MSP modern work ANP-1

Small business IT security has grown staggeringly complex. 

Your IT is only as strong as the people and process that support it. That’s why all of our Managed Security and IT Services include access to our team of certified, local, and live help desk support. We provide cloud architects, security experts, client strategists and more, 24x7x365 to support all your IT needs. Discover the IT support service that is right for your business.

Unlimited IT Support

Full-service management and IT support for your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment, including unlimited help desk support for your end users, 24x7x365

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Co-Managed IT Support

Co-managed IT support for your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment, including unlimited helpdesk support for your Internal IT department, 24x7x365

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Cloud Transformation

Whether you are new to Microsoft Cloud or seeking the right cloud services partner (CSP) to extend your Cloud capabilities, ANP can help. Add our cloud transformation support services as a bundle or a la carte depending on your business needs.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“ANP’s strategic IT approach provides us with the Intel that we needed to make the smart decisions when it came to budgeting and planning for our future investments. The IT roadmap allows us to get way ahead of any problems before they arise.”

- David Chiarello

Manager, Imperial Auto Group

“ANP solved the immediate problem, which was great and would have made me a satisfied customer, but what made it even better is they gave me an education so that I can teach my coworkers and prevent the problem from recurring. That is excellent service!”

- Dierk Benecke

Vice President, Performance Controls

“Cannot highly enough recommend ANP! There should be six stars made available to them! Not only highly responsive and capable but highly proactive in caring for our IT needs.”

- Ben Mudry

General Manager, Forte Consulting & Investigations

“We evaluated over 20 IT suppliers that could manage our desired technology stack – Microsoft 365.  ANP has proven to be the best balance of size, scale, reach, and personal attention we could find.  We have been with ANP now for over a year and our roll-out of MS365 is complete.  My users are happy and adapted to the new, secure, technology.”

- Alan Coffey

Cybersecurity Officer, Mallard Financial Partners Inc

“Hiring ANP has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for our company. It’s great to not only have them just a phone call away for any small issue we might have, but also to know that they are proactively ensuring our business’ safety in an ever-challenging and dangerous IT environment.”

- Siri Berkowsky Heinrichs

Chief Executive Officer, Berkowsky & Associates

Choose the best defense against cyberthreats.

Start taking your security seriously with ANP’s managed security services. Reach out to our team to learn more about how we can give you peace of mind and protection.