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Free Cybersecurity Consulting & Risk Assessment

Get a free analysis of your existing security practices, including recommendations on how to reduce risk and enhance protection of your on-premise, hybrid or Office 365 environment. 

What's your Microsoft Security Score?

  • How confident are you that your network and data are secure?  

  • Can your business stand a chance if it's the target of a cyberattack?

  • Are our employees exposing you to potential threats?

  • Does your technology meet the compliance regulations set forth by your industry?

  • Is the security of your business keeping you up at night?

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Protect your Critical Business Assets: Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

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ANP is offering a FREE Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for companies that want an expert analysis about their existing security practices, and recommendations for how to reduce risk and enhance network protection.

As a managed security provider, ANP will help you to:

  • Identify holes in your cybersecurity strategy before someone tries to exploit them
  • Understand your Microsoft 365 security score and how your security compare to your industry and improve overall security posture
  • Gain visibility into where you need to bolster security resources  
  • Implement industry best practices
  • Build a security strategy for an upcoming cloud migration

 29% of companies surveyed report a loss or damage of internal records due to a security incident.


30% of those surveyed say that current employees—including suppliers, consultants, and contractors—are the source of security incidents

Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Security Posture


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This free, one-on-one engagement with our cyber security experts includes a deep dive, under-the-hood evaluation of your IT infrastructure, applications, data and procedures using:

  • Advanced scanning tools and investigative techniques
  • Simulated penetration testing
  • Our proven assessment process 

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ANP’s cybersecurity experts will evaluate your IT infrastructure, applications, data and procedures

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We will take the result of this assessment and define a plan to resolve any identified exposures.

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You will receive a detailed report with actionable insight. ANP can implement our recommendations or you can do so yourself!


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