ANP summer referral progran

ANP Client Referral Program

We're excited to announce that we've revamped our client referral program, with DOUBLE the incentive -- that's $2000 a referral -- now through Labor Day! 


Curious how ANP continues to grow? It’s through word of mouth and referrals from happy clients like you. At ANP, we believe that referrals are the greatest compliment you could give us.

As an ANP client you know what we do better than anyone else. So who better to introduce us to potential clients?

Do you know someone who needs help with any aspect of their business technology? Do them a favor and put them in touch with us!

We have made the referral program as easy and transparent as possible for us to earn more business together.

Here’s How It Works:

Refer a company to ANP and if they become a client -- we'll write you a check for $1,000 $2000. 

On top of that, just for making the introduction to a potential client, we will give you $100 Visa Gift Card.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make or rewards you can earn. 

Who is a good referral for us?

To earn the reward, the referral should be the Business Owner, CEO, CFO or IT decision-maker of an organization with at least 25 computers and located in the Greater Philadelphia Area, New Jersey or Delaware.

Where can you find businesses to refer?

  • Local associations, industry groups and Boards and Committees you are involved with
  • Your clients or other vendors you work with
  • Personal network – ask your family or friends when catching up this summer 

How to refer someone to ANP:

  1. Personally make the introduction by speaking to the contact either by phone or in person and letting them know we will be reaching out.
  2. Make an introduction via email and we will take it from there.
  3. Fill out the form on this page, so we log the referral source (you) in our system.

We want to make it SUPER EASY for you to refer others to us. If you know of a way we can bring our message and services to a larger group, we'll create a marketing campaign to assist in getting the word out - be it a webinar, seminar, mailing or even a special discount for the members of a group you belong to- on our own dime.

What is the referral amount?

After meeting with the company and we determine they are a fit for our service, you will earn a $100 Visa Gift Card as a thank you!

If your referral becomes a client of ours, you will get a $2000 check mailed directly to you from ANP.

Thank you to our many clients who have already talked to other businesses, friends and family about your positive experience working with us.