11 Questions To Ask Your Cisco Managed Service Provider

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The Corporate Executives Perspective, Questions To Ask When Choosing A Cisco Managed Service Provider

1) Will you be able to remain in control once the MSP begins to manage your IT infrastructure?

Some managed IT service providers leave your business with little control, even less flexibility and subject to the whims of their own products and services. The best MSP for your IT infrastructure should be an outsourcing service that caters to your specific complexities, gives you real-time access to performance metrics and transfers the necessary knowledge to your staff. Asking a few simple questions ensures you get a managed service provider that fits your budget and your technical requirements.

Unlike traditional outsourcing, where an outside organization takes control of your equipment and your staff, selective outsourcing allows your IT department to contract for the specific critical services needed to run your IT infrastructure, while you maintain overall control. Because a selective outsourcer like Advanced Network Products (ANP) manages hundreds of networks, we apply our best practices to your infrastructure, allowing you to gain immediate benefit from new technology, there is no slow deployment and training time. The selective outsourcer handles the complexity of your technology, allowing you to enjoy the business benefits.

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