Top 5 Steps for Your Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

Many companies never recover from a disaster and subsequently go out of business. Don’t be one of them.

As a business owner, you rely on data every day. But what happens to that data in the event that your office is damaged or destroyed — by fire, flood or theft — and your computers and networks are no longer operational? Do you have a plan in place to protect your data resources and ensure business continuity?

preparing a DR plan

This guide will provide details to help you work you through the 5 major steps you must follow when developing your DR/BU plan:

  1. Determine potential disruptions. 
  2. Consider the impact
  3. develop a plan
  4. Implement disaster recovery strategies
  5. Maintain the plan

Having a data disaster recovery plan in place helps your business stay afloat during difficult times. If you don’t have a plan in place, when disaster strikes, it’s too late. Don’t be caught unprepared. Advanced Network Products helps you prepare by performing a business impact analysis, which is apart of the Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Program. This consists of team interviews and analysis, update plans, plan walkthrough exercises, and testing the plans capabilities.

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Need help with creating a compressive Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Program? Advanced Network Products has services designed to help companies improve their ability to react and survive a business disruption. If this is new to your company, we can help with a BC/DR Assessment to determine where you are, how to prepare, and best practices going forward.

ANP can also provide BC/DR Plan Development and Maintenance services, as well as, provide daily backup and restoration services for your critical data needs. Contact the experienced and knowledgeable IT experts at Advanced Network Products, Inc. or call 215-572-0111 or 800-572-3282 for assistance!

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