Microsoft Teams Consultant - Getting Started

Tips and tricks for every department to start collaborating effectively.

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate hub for collaboration in Office 365. Now your teams have a shared workspace for conversations, files and meetings—so everyone can be more engaged and effective every day.

m365 whitepaper image for secure cloudThis whitepaper breaks down Microsoft Teams collaboration tips for every functions in your organization, including:

  • Marketing will be able to create, collaborate and show results all within Teams
  • Sales will be able to quickly build proposals with input from different stakeholders, as well as set security controls to keep your proposals out of the hands of competitors
  • Finance teams will be able to aggregate and report on data while conducting business reviews on a regular cadence. 
  • We will demonstrate how Human Resources (HR) can improve the management of the recruitment process and employee onboarding activities, all from one location.  
  • Information Technology can leverage Teams to track and manage all phases of infrastructure roll outs and project plans for your digital transformation.
  • You will see how an Engineering department will be able to move quickly between ideation, development and deployment of concepts when delivering new features. 
  • Project Managers will be thrilled to be able to juggle planning, meetings and communications all from one platform, quickly share project files, and much more!

We will go through 10 ways each department can get familiar with Microsoft Teams to ensure that your application is well adopted across your entire organizations. With several tips and tricks that will blow your mind away. You will see what all the hype about Teams is all about. 

As you read through this whitepaper, if you have questions about licensing requirements, or would like help implementing Microsoft Teams or any of the other Microsoft 365 applications for business, contact ANP today. As a Certified Microsoft Partner and Cloud Service provider, we're ready to help you with all of your Microsoft 365 needs. Visit us at

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