Managed Microsoft 365 & Zero Trust Security

7 Ways to Protect your Remote Workers & Your Business 

The pandemic and the rapid shift to remote work has led to the adoption of new, cloud-based technologies like Microsoft 365.

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But with this shift come several new cyber threats and security challenges that the old 'securing the perimeter' cannot protect. Businesses now must look at data security in a new light -- to protect remote employees and the data they access outside the office walls -- otherwise risk exposure to Ransomware and other attacks. 

Is it possible to give employees the mobility and productivity they need in this modern work environment while also protecting your business? ABSOLUTELY. 

In this whitepaper, we introduce you to the Microsoft 365 zero trust security model and seven ways to protect your business when you migrate to Microsoft 365.

  1. Identity and Access Management

  2. Mobile Device and App management

  3. Leverage Conditional Access

  4. and more!

As you read through this whitepaper, if you have questions about implementing zero trust security across your Microsoft 365 environment, or how to set this up for your Teams, Exchange Online and SharePoint Migrations, contact ANP today.

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