Archived Free IT Webinars

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Small Business IT

IT Outsourcing Webinar

During this short 30-minute webinar I’m going to cover:

  • The fastest and easiest way to practically eliminate computer crashes, spam, spyware, viruses, data loss, error messages and a host of other annoying technical problems finally and forever

  • A little-known fact about tape backups and protecting your data from natural disasters, theft, viruses, hackers and other data-erasing events; if you are not doing this one thing, you are operating under a false sense of security

  • How to keep your employees from stealing data, inviting viruses and using your company’s resources for personal (or even unethical) activities

  • Critical maintenance checks, updates and processes every business should regularly perform on their network – skip any of these and you are practically inviting a virus or hacker to invade your network

  • How to avoid unexpected computer repair bills and sudden, extended downtime

  • 3 things every small business owner should demand from their computer consultant; if they don’t meet these 3 criteria, do NOT give them access to your company’s network!

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How does the Cloud and Cloud Computing Impact your Business - A CEO’s Guide

Cloud Computing


Cloud computing and high speed Internet are transforming how businesses communicate with their customers, employees and vendors. In this 60-minute webcast,

David Mulvey, CEO of Advanced Network Products and Mike Lieberman, President of Square 2 Marketing will discuss how so many industries have been impacting by the Cloud and high speed internet. 

Is your business ready? Can you possibly be blindsided like so many other companies? Don’t let your business become a Cloud causality.

During this webinar, you will learn:

• What industries have been impacted by Cloud computing

• We will look at three industries where one company missed the trends and another exploited them

• How can you decide if the Cloud is right for your business?

• When do you make the switch to cloud computing?

• Listen to a business owner who was faced with Cloud choices and learn from their experience.

This is a business webinar focused on business owners and no tech speak will be presented!

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