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Empower Your Employees with Online Microsoft Training 

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As an ANP Customer, you get FREE access to the #1 Microsoft training solution available today. Learn how to maximize this free training program to save time and be more productive. SIGN UP TODAY!

ANP’s new Online Training provides your employees with relevant, specific “how-to” instructional videos that have made learning quickly at your desk, or learning-on-the-go, a realistic model. 

Join ANP for an introduction on how to use the new training platform, the benefits and value that it provides to your employees and organization and a  LIVE DEMO!

During this webinar you will learn how to use ANP’s Online Training Program to:

  • Reduce the amount of time on calls with helpdesk, and more time focused on working
  • Empower your employees to learn by doing
  • Drive Microsoft 365 and Teams adoption
  • How to use dashboards to showcase the ROI of your IT investment
  • And a LIVE DEMO

The era of sitting in front of a desktop or laptop to take an hour-long eLearning course is long gone – nobody even watches a 10-minute video anymore.

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