Desktop-as-a-Service | Our Azure VDI Solution

Give your employees easy, online access to your mission-critical Line of Business (LOB) applications with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). Deploy and scale your Azure Virtual Desktop and applications in minutes and get built-in security and compliance features for your business applications managed and supported by ANP.

Why choose ANP to manage your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

You've moved to Microsoft 365 to create a centralized remote work experience – and your employees are more productive than ever before. Yet you still run your legacy applications from an under-utilized server in your office or from a 3rd party data center, requiring additional services like VPN or remote desktop service. This data silo and clunky user experience is keeping you from reaping the full benefits of the cloud. While you wait for your LOB application to launch a reliable cloud-version of your software, eliminate the overhead of your in-house server or 3rd party hosting services and let ANP manage it in Azure Virtual Desktop.

Boost employee productivity with remote access to your critical line of business applications from any device, at any time.

Reduce operating expenses by allowing your employees to bring their own devices without worrying about having to manage those devices

Simplify the user experience through convenient access to your LOB apps using the same login as Office 365 for a more unified work experience

Only pay for what you use by scaling up and down depending on your needs

Gain maximum security and compliance by leveraging top of the line Azure cloud

Whether in the field, working remote, or travelling, employees will be able to access their desktop environment with AVD from any device

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