Improve Productivity With SharePoint Migration Support

If you're still running an old-school file server from your office or from a private datacenter there is a better way! With SharePoint as your modern workplace solution, your employees can stay productive and collaborate from anywhere, at anytime and from any device.  

Why Should You Migrate Your Files to SharePoint Online?

The way you work has changed. Secure, on-demand access to your files and seamless online collaboration is more important than ever before. Modernize your business with SharePoint & OneDrive and watch your employee productivity skyrocket and your business grow.

You'll never have to purchase another file server or do another expensive server refresh project again

Gain access to your corporate documents securely from a web browser or any devices, at any time

Enhance collaboration so that your employees can work together on files simultaneously

No more VPN or clunky Remote Desktop Solutions required

Share private files and data with your customers and other outside users without fear of data theft

Prevent data leakage with user proper controls and file classification policies

Save time searching through email threads to find the file version you need

Create automated workflows to replace manual paper pushing tasks

Publish corporate and departmental intranet and client extranet sites

Adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements with ease

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What's Included with ANP's SharePoint Services?

ANP’s SharePoint migration and Microsoft 365  services include everything from initial planning and migration to ongoing management, optimization and support of your SharePoint, OneDrive and other Office 365 applications. We are your one-stop-shop for all your Microsoft needs.    

Manage your business files with improved security and efficiency. 

Reach out to our team to discuss your current file management system and discover a simpler solution to file management.