ANP Microsoft 365 Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Protect your employees most relied upon cloud applications and data with ANP’s Microsoft 365 Backup Solution.

Close the Gaps in Your Data Protection with a Microsoft 365 Backup Solution offered by ANP

Did you know that Microsoft 365 does not natively have a full coverage backup solution? It has something called retention policies. These retention policies are a great way to protect your data, but they are by no means a complete backup solution.

Now with ANP’s Microsoft 365 Backup Solution you can protect your organization's most relied up system -- Microsoft 365 -- beyond the retention dates and ensure you never have to worry about losing access to your MS365 files and applications ever again!

Starting at $3 / user / month.

Does your business require email archiving for your industry compliance requirements? We can help with that too!

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Why Backup your Microsoft 365 data with ANP?

Let's face it. Things go wrong with technology from time to time -- and the best insurance you can have is a strong backup. Even Microsoft states in their user agreement that there is no guarantee of data loss. If Microsoft 365 is your primary system used, an external copy of your Microsoft 365 environment is invaluable in the event you need it. Don't wait until it's too late. 

Have confidence knowing you have a comprehensive backup solution for all of your Microsoft 365 applications and data -- include Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more.

Adhere to regulatory and compliance best practices with an external backup of all required information outside of your primary system

Protect critical business digital assets from corruption issues, encryption malware, ransomware, accidental deletion and more

Quick and easy recovery of your Microsoft 365 data to ensure your employee never lose access to their systems and can stay productive at all times.

Easily migrate data from one tenant to another in the event of a company acquisition or merger

Establish strong email archiving to protect and recover business-critical email data

ANP’s Backup Solution for Microsoft 365 Includes:

Automated Microsoft 365 Backup Copy

An automated Microsoft 365 backup to an external cloud that occurs several times a day

Point-in-time restores of your data

Point-in-time restores and backup images of entire computers for your users to eliminate the effect of data corruption by restoring data from a time prior to known corruption, or recover a basic configuration to a prior condition.

A Full Backup of your Office 365 Tenancy

A comprehensive backup options for Microsoft 365-- include Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, Groups, Teams, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks.

Unlimited  Storage

Unlimited storage, you’ll never need to worry about running out of storage.

Military-grade encryption

Military Grade encryption ensure your data is protected in transit and at rest.

Email Archiving

eDiscovery, Retention and Legal Hold policies and Compliance Review are just a few items that make ANP's 365 Backup solution the best Email Archiving tool for your compliance needs.

Single Sign-On

Gain access to the 365 self service backup restore portal where you can easily login and restore your data at any time without needing to open an IT ticket.

New Webinar: Is your Office 365 Data Fully backed up? Think again!

Are you solely relying on Microsoft to backup your Office 365 environment? BAD IDEA!

Watch this short, 10-minute video to learn where the gaps are in your Microsoft 365 Backup strategy and what you can do today to ensure complete backup of your entire environment.



Everything in Your Most Valuable Microsoft 365 Applications is Securely Backed Up


Microsoft Outlook

  • View email without search
  • Migrate per user to other user or destination
  • Download (PST EML)
  • Download Mailbox
  • Shared Mailbox
  • Restore mailbox, folder, message
  • Migrate per mailbox to other user or destination
  • Download PST, EML, mailbox

teams logo circle

Microsoft Teams & Groups

  • Download files
  • Channel Chat
  • Tasks
  • Email
  • Drive
  • Site
  • Calendar
  • Files
  • Conversations
  • Notebook
  • Planner

SP logo

MS SharePoint Online

  • Restore site, document library, folder, files
  • Restore to other site
  • Restore all to one folder
  • Download files
  • Lists – items and columns for all permissions
  • Document Libraries – content, views and content types for all permissions
  • Sub-Sites – lists and document libraries

onedrive iconMicrosoft OneDrive

  • Restore drive, folder, files
  • Restore to other drive
  • Restore all to one folder
  • Download drive, folder, files

tasks iconContacts/ Calendars/ Tasks

  • Restore calendar events, contacts, tasks
  • Download files
  • Email and Folders for Mailboxes and Public Folders
  • Shared Mailboxes

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