Introducing ANP's Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery Solution


ANP is excited to announce our newest addition to our Microsoft 365 managed services bundle, ANP’s Microsoft 365 Backup & Recovery Solution, a comprehensive backup and recovery service for all of your Office 365 applications and data -- including Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more.

Microsoft 365 has proven to be an invaluable platform for businesses of all sizes and industries. It’s jam packed with productivity, collaboration and security tools under a single subscription and has helped businesses large and small modernize their IT, while empowering a remote workforce.

But as with all technology, there are some limitations, and one that is important to point out is its backup capabilities. While Microsoft does a great job of protecting files and data through their native retention policies, this is by no means a comprehensive backup solution.

When you think about your employees’ most frequently used applications, you probably think of Office 365 – Teams, Email, SharePoint, and OneDrive. What happens to your productivity when your employees don't have access to your Office 365 applications, their files and data stored in the cloud?  

Now, with ANP’s Microsoft 365 Backup Solution you can protect your Microsoft 365 tenancy beyond the retention dates with an external backup copy of your entire Microsoft 365 environment and never have to worry about losing access to your MS365 files and applications again! 

Simply put, we understand you have a business to run and you can’t risk losing access to your critical digital assets in Microsoft 365 environment.  

Not only does ANP's Backup solution provide a reliable external copy of your Office 365 environment in the event you need to quickly recover your data, but it can also help companies that require legal or regulatory commitments around employee email and archiving and recovery. Our backup solution allows an email or mailbox recovery that can be useful to banks and financial intuitions and law firms. And because you get unlimited storage, we can also archive past employees email boxes forever! The next cool feature, which many companies ask about is the ability to transfer a tenancy into a separate companies tenancy, so if you sold your company or you are consolidating two company domains from a merger or acquisition -- this can now be easily achieved at an affordable price point.

Without an external copy of your Microsoft 365 tenancy, you have gaps in your data protection policy. This is something that ANP can be easily and affordably help you resolve.

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Why backup your Microsoft 365 environment?

  • Maintain complete copies of critical business digital assets to ensure protection from hackers, encryption malware, accidental deletion and more
  • Establish an outside copy of your entire Microsoft 365 tenancy, providing a level of protection that Microsoft can’t provide on their own
  • Adhere to regulatory and compliance best practices with an external backup of all required information outside of your primary system
  • Gain protection and quickly and easily recover from corruption, external cyberattacks or insider threats
  • Easily migrate data from one domain to another in the event of a company acquisition or merger

Microsoft 365 Backup Pricing & How to Get Started with ANP

For pricing and full list of features and capabilities, visit our Microsoft 365 Backup and Retention Solution page on our website.

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