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Your Managed IT Services PortalWould you like to maintain control and visibility of your IT infrastructure -- workstations, servers, WAN and LAN equipment, security systems and IP telephony solution -- from anywhere in the world?

ANP’s secure, web-based managed IT services make it possible.

Advantages Of Net eWare Managed IT Services

Communications play a critical role in a successful outsourcing relationship. That’s why the Net eWare customer portal contains tools to facilitate two-way communication and support full transparency. Watch us open and close service tickets with your vendors and evaluate our service level performance on everything we do for you.

Service value is defined not only by day-to-day maintenance and issue resolution, but also by the intelligence offered to your in-house strategic IT staff. At ANP, we’re passionate about our role as data aggregator -- Net eWare allows you to view complex data in a variety of meaningful ways, ranging from robust asset management to CIO dashboards, giving you better visibility and control of your networked assets.

  • Secure Browser Access -- Gain encrypted access to your service tickets, project tasks and reports for all of your Net eWare managed IT services.
  • Event Notification -- Ensure that the right people are notified of events by text message and/or email with Net eWare’s auto notification system.
  • Set Permissions -- Grant access to reports and applications on a need-to-know basis, limiting IT staff access to relevant areas of control.
  • Select Review Levels -- Limit administrator reviews to exception items, so your IT staff doesn’t have to read through a lot of data.

Resolve your IT problems faster and more accurately with Net eWare.

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