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The ANP 7-Step Strategic IT Solution

Strategic IT Solutions In PA, DE and NJBefore implementing any changes to your IT infrastructure, you need to develop a sound, strategic IT solution -- one that’s elastic and accounts for your business’s future growth as well as your current needs. ANP has the answer:

Step 1 - This step actually starts before you even become an ANP client. Instead of jumping to solutions, we spend time with you during our sales process to make sure we understand your business strategy and how IT support and services contribute to you getting to your goals. 

Step 2 - Next we do a 30-minute in-office assessment of your network systems to review your existing IT infrastructure and how it’s functioning.

Step 3 - A custom questionnaire gets to the root of your needs, aligns IT with your business goals and uncovers any pain points that need to be addressed.

Step 4 - Using the information gathered during the first three steps, we work together to develop your comprehensive IT solution and conduct a cost/benefit analysis to compare your current IT expenditures with the cost of implementing our recommendations.

Step 5 - The recommendations. After we know you and your business better, the recommendations are perfectly aligned with your financial and business goals.

Step 6 - Your plan. A detailed implementation plan that that stabilizes your network and lowers your costs, so your IT becomes a fixed -- not variable -- expense.

Step 7 - But we don’t disengage after you decide on your strategy. This step includes your quarterly business reviews, including discussions of metrics and performance and continuing planning sessions for developing your IT strategy.

After all, your business continues to evolve. Your IT solution needs to keep pace.

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